Draw My Life - Rebecca Parham

  • Published on:  1/13/2018
  • Happy 500,000....err... 700,000+ subscribers! Sorry for the long video, but I got a lot of life to draw! I hope you like this look into my past and the experiences that made me who I am!


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  • Lps Beans
    Lps Beans 6 hours ago

    I’m so sorry for your loss.......... I know how it feels.... loving someone and then having to say good bye... even...when you don’t want to... I feel your pain.... but we have to bring out the best in us.... what deceives us makes us stronger......😕❤️😌😇 Love you... keep up the good work Rebecca❤️

  • Christa Michael
    Christa Michael 7 hours ago

    I had the same faze... now I'm in the herpotologist faze

  • Jia Xuan Tea
    Jia Xuan Tea 7 hours ago

    It's okay I felt that for 5 years .......

  • Evan Valtierra
    Evan Valtierra 8 hours ago

    I was born in San Antonio

  • LPS LeLe
    LPS LeLe 9 hours ago

    My mom was ten when you were born!

  • Cat Creates
    Cat Creates 11 hours ago

    the dad part got me... I recently lost my Daushund (a dog) his name was Picasso and it tore me apart... I didn’t go to school for a day and it was about 3 or 4 months ago... it still makes me sad but I realized how much good time we had together and I would always remember him. That lit me up and sometimes I still think about him and cry , but he is worth to cry for. He was 1 one my dogs my *baby* I loved him so very much , if anyone is going through a rough time... you can let it all out on the replies for this comment...

  • Some awkward Weirdo
    Some awkward Weirdo 11 hours ago+1

    ....... <3 <3 <3 Rebecca.... jeez, thank god you are much more happy <3

  • Lps Alexa
    Lps Alexa 13 hours ago

    I was the same like you when your dad left my mom died because of cáncer I then realized that she was in a safe place rest in peace mom and let me explain sstudios dad (sorry I forgot your Name)

  • Bean Nelson
    Bean Nelson 14 hours ago

    Oh my god ;0;

  • ENTITY 1012
    ENTITY 1012 16 hours ago

    I'm actually crying

    ABHIGMAING GMAING 20 hours ago

    I'm so sorry for your lost Becca 😟

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 20 hours ago

    I live in San Antonio and 45

  • Mia Fantastica
    Mia Fantastica 23 hours ago

    When you were little have you Watch the Teletubbies -_-"

  • Lps Flake
    Lps Flake yesterday

    Ok I just wanted to say this,( even though nobody really cares XD) I accidentally clicked dislike when I meant to click the thumbs up. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! I ended up clicking the thumbs up again so..... WE’RE GOOD! Ok bye. Have a nice day.🤗

  • Zombie_ girl
    Zombie_ girl yesterday

    I’m sorry for your losses you are a brave strong person and you always pushed forward and that wat makes you amazing ❤️

  • D And X
    D And X yesterday

    Are you kidding, my great grandmother died while I was in 4th grade, I was failing around that time, I got through though, you're not alone.

  • Christopher Jones

    Miss Rebecca, that was inspiring. My...mother passed away around the same time your dad did, Thanksgiving morning. I would graduate college with a B.S. in Computer Science and a Philosophy Minor with a 3.43 Cumulative GPA. Three years of job-searching later, I wound up as a part-time shelf-stocker. On my own time I belong to several FB and G+ groups and have a variety of playlists geared towards fellow Christians. I also used to go to motivational videos and songs I like, scroll through the comments, and find people to encourage over the past two years. Kept a kid from committing suicide that way, thank God. Wouldn't have happened if it weren't for a bad breakup occurring over most of 2015. Still, despite all of that, I cannot help but feel useless or at least "lost" fairly often, like I'm just stuck waiting for my life to happen someday. Meantime, I just try to get by and glorify God with what little I have to offer here with my life in various, often very small (at least to me), ways. Anyway, rant over. Thanks for sharing and Godspeed.

  • GhostieFluffz
    GhostieFluffz yesterday

    My cousin Gavin who sadly passed away from drowning in 2015 his birthday was on December 1st so ur birthdays are so close together

  • Raj GamingYT
    Raj GamingYT yesterday

    I love the amazing wold of gumball (From cartoon network)

  • Shadowwing Kitten

    :c u remind me of both my great grandmas