Dingo Meets a Coyote!

  • Published on:  1/12/2018
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    On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote has the opportunity to pal around with some Australian Dingos!

    The Dingo is a feral native dog species in Australia. Well known as a part of Australian culture this iconic species is often misunderstood. Throughout their range they have many color variations ranging from dark brown to the traditional tan and white, and even almost pure white in the more mountainous regions.

    Dingos should never be approached in the wild but on this day Coyote and the team were fortunate enough to meet some captive Dingos at the Billabong Sanctuary in Townsville!

    Get ready to see a Dingo meet one curious Coyote!

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    HUGE THANKS to the Billabong Sanctuary and their staff for hosting the crew at this location and for all the work they do to preserve Australias magnificent wildlife. To see the Dingos for yourself consider making a visit! - https://betapchoi.com/channel/UC6E2mP01ZLH_kbAyeazCNdg

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  • XxLincoln xX
    XxLincoln xX an hour ago

    He like I am going to wait till they come to me and then he calls them over

  • Steven Lio
    Steven Lio 7 hours ago

    Click bait. Thought coyotes were meeting dingos

  • Ivano Eijkelenboom
    Ivano Eijkelenboom 10 hours ago

    Looks like A dog to me and i love doos so i love them

  • Spirit Wolf
    Spirit Wolf 11 hours ago

    These guys look just like my dog! Even the personality is very similar! The only difference is my dog is shorter and has a black face. But she takes food from our hands very gently and wags her tail just like them.

  • karenina martawita
    karenina martawita 19 hours ago

    I found a spider that are a long leg what cin spider? Is that

  • Johannes the Flying Fox

    I do plan on helping animals to be rehabilitated back to the wild, but if they can't be released back I'll probably take them to a sanctuary or keep them not as a pet, but as companion and to educate others about animals. I know a lot about animals I know what to do too. Like I do plan on setting a suitable outside cage that'll be connected to my house. I also want to spread my knowledge, intelligence, philosophy, respect, and love about what I know around the planet in a positive non-forceful manner. I don't believe in claiming another life as property though.

  • Nicole Bastian
    Nicole Bastian 2 days ago

    I am in Louisiana and my friend has a dingo

  • sara
    sara 2 days ago

    I'm scared now. I'm starting to think my husband's dog is a crocodile (strong Australian accent)

  • Jahsir Jackson
    Jahsir Jackson 2 days ago

    Where is the coyote

  • Lianet Figueredo
    Lianet Figueredo 2 days ago

    They Run alot 🐕🐕🐕

  • Priotniel Amir
    Priotniel Amir 3 days ago

    I love this video

  • Shayshay Crews
    Shayshay Crews 3 days ago

    They look like dogs lol

  • Shayshay Crews
    Shayshay Crews 3 days ago

    They look like dogs lol

  • Luke Pollock
    Luke Pollock 4 days ago

    I live an hour and a half away from billabong sanctuary, really cool place

  • Fabrizio D'Alonzo
    Fabrizio D'Alonzo 4 days ago

    I want a dingo now

    • ThatAussieGirl
      ThatAussieGirl 2 days ago

      You really don't. They need so much more consideration than dogs, and in my state you have to prove to the government that you have the space and the enclosure to keep them, as well as being able to afford their specific food requirements because you cannot feed dingos normal dog food. They also bond with their carers in a much more more exclusive way than dogs. Like if you go on holiday you can just have someone come look after your dog and it'll be fine. You can't do that with a dingo, they will go nuts.

  • Whiterun Guard
    Whiterun Guard 4 days ago

    He looks just like shibe!

  • Rosa Espinosa
    Rosa Espinosa 5 days ago

    It’s a dog

  • Rosa Espinosa
    Rosa Espinosa 5 days ago

    Wats a digo

  • Nightshade 38765
    Nightshade 38765 5 days ago

    Am I the only one who saw the caption saying Townsville and instantly thought of the Powerpuff Girls

  • Dora Garcia
    Dora Garcia 5 days ago

    Hey Coyote I can't be there but I really love your videos and everything gets really cool but I can't I don't know I can't go over there at that like shopping yet 2018