My asthmatic kitty cat getting his meds

  • Published on:  1/13/2018
  • My cat has pretty bad asthma, so we have to give him an inhaler twice a day. He's grown to not mind it, it seems. That's purring, not wheezing!

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  • BaconLegs
    BaconLegs  7 months ago+1203

    Didn't expect this to trend! Neat. If anyone has any questions about feline asthma, or Pretzel, feel free to ask!
    Also please stop telling me to kill my cat. Thanks!

    • Bootie Cheerios
      Bootie Cheerios 7 months ago


    • BaconLegs
      BaconLegs  7 months ago+1

      wigges worf Nope, I just went to my regular vet. They should be able to take x-rays and blood work and tell you whether or not he has asthma.

    • Random Daily Clips
      Random Daily Clips 7 months ago

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    • BaconLegs
      BaconLegs  7 months ago+1

      Phyro55 You have to take your cat to the vet and get a prescription.

    • The Pyromaniac
      The Pyromaniac 7 months ago

      BaconLegs my cat has mild asthma how to I get medicine

    • Zeyad Fayez
      Zeyad Fayez 7 months ago

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    • FAMOUS
      FAMOUS 7 months ago

      BaconLegs Maine coon ftw

    • FAMOUS
      FAMOUS 7 months ago

      BaconLegs what’s up with them glasses. God damn

    • Christina H
      Christina H 7 months ago

      Boda Pahl you should treat all animals equality scum bitch

    • BaconLegs
      BaconLegs  7 months ago

      br jones Pretzel is 9 years old. He has to use the inhaler twice daily for the rest of his life. But it only takes about 30 seconds a day for him to live a long healthy life!

    SAMMY’S WORLD 2 months ago

    Just curious what meds were administered? My Cat Leo has severe asthma & all my Vet had me prescribe is abuterol 90mg with inhaler which I find useless. She also had me give him Newtons holistic drops which was useless too. So I have him just on Slippery Elm to cut back on mucous. It helped for a couple of months w/no symptoms but now seemed to have returned again though mild.

  • -brigid-
    -brigid- 4 months ago

    omg! my cat has asthma too, and it's so amazing how tolerant yours is when getting the inhaler. i love the little guy!

  • Lice Pissidon
    Lice Pissidon 6 months ago

    My cat also had severe asthma. His name was harry and he was a proper alpha tom cat, no other cat came into are garden as harry was up on the fence like a watchman. harry did have a mother called mooly but sadly she died in a house fire when he was younger so it was just him. He used to take fits and couldn't breathe so we had to put his mask on. One day we came home and we found him dead under the barbeque which had a cover over it so it was like a crawl space for him. He was soaked in urine and must have crawled under there to finally lay down. It can be extremely painful to loose a friend like that

  • Jen C
    Jen C 6 months ago

    Is your cat sneezing at same time when it got asthma?

  • Orlando 80
    Orlando 80 6 months ago+1

    I’m so sorry for him but amazing work it’s good to see people care so much about cats
    He’s so cute btw and the name suits him

  • Darken NoShinka
    Darken NoShinka 6 months ago

    I thought that was purring

  • Patrick S
    Patrick S 6 months ago

    is its animal abuse?

  • World of tanks geek 123 Geeks

    I love this

  • Bravdov_the_ Cultured_Petri

    I have asthma. Hippie do you get the cat to realize equate putting that mask on their face to feeling better? Or am i not giving cats and survival instinct enough credit?

    • BaconLegs
      BaconLegs  6 months ago

      It mostly comes down to not pumping the inhaler on his face. I press the mouth part against my chest, pump, and then put it on his face. That way, the noise of the inhaler and the rush of air doesn't scare him. I also give him a treat after :)
      I do think he realizes that it does make him feel much better, though.

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  • Jaylin Guallpa
    Jaylin Guallpa 6 months ago

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    Wesley Brookman 7 months ago

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  • Clorax
    Clorax 7 months ago

    How do you help him when your not home? Or is it like a daily thing with no flare-ups

    • BaconLegs
      BaconLegs  7 months ago

      It's a daily thing. We give him his meds twice a day every day, and he doesn't have many asthma attacks at all as a result. He's fine when we're at work because we're consistent with his treatment :)

  • jalmodovar1
    jalmodovar1 7 months ago+3

    Great owner

  • Ash243x
    Ash243x 7 months ago


  • Open Eye
    Open Eye 7 months ago

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    • Joshua Dowey
      Joshua Dowey 4 months ago

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    • Joshua Dowey
      Joshua Dowey 4 months ago

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    • Open Eye
      Open Eye 4 months ago

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      Joshua Dowey 4 months ago

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    • Open Eye
      Open Eye 4 months ago

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    • Joshua Dowey
      Joshua Dowey 4 months ago

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    • Open Eye
      Open Eye 4 months ago

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    • Joshua Dowey
      Joshua Dowey 4 months ago

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  • Lord Beerus
    Lord Beerus 7 months ago