Falcons vs. Eagles | NFL Divisional Round Game Highlights

  • Published on:  1/13/2018
  • The Atlanta Falcons take on the Philadelphia Eagles during the Divisional Round of the 2017 NFL Postseason.

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  • Shawn Falcon
    Shawn Falcon 4 hours ago

    Worried about $$$$$$$ during the super bowl...Freeman sucks!!!!

  • Shawn Falcon
    Shawn Falcon 4 hours ago

    Once again, Freemans blocking....Super bowl tooo..yes they were so tired but Freeman cost them the game

  • Ray Pavey
    Ray Pavey 7 hours ago

    Only a brick wall can stop you..... it's name is the Eagles!!!!

  • Shawn Falcon
    Shawn Falcon yesterday

    Freeman needs to learn how to block!!!!!!!

  • Eagles Dynasty
    Eagles Dynasty 2 days ago

    Check out eaglesdynasty.com for in-depth eagles coverage

  • Angel Davila
    Angel Davila 3 days ago

    This is why we love Foles. The guy never gives up on plays. He dove for the ball on 3rd and goal. Newton on the other hand just stared at it

  • Mason and Owen Stover vlogs

    I went to this game

  • universal universe
    universal universe 11 days ago

    the falcons had that,and then the eagles destroyed the vikings and beat the pats in the superbowl,the falcons are a great matchup the refs gave the eagles this win

    • Semion Johnson
      Semion Johnson 8 days ago

      man stfu the eagles dominated the falcons defensively and shut them down the falcons only scored because of careless unforced turnovers by the eagles so be grateful you clowns didn't get shut out ! #Fly Eagles Fly Super Bowl 52 Champions !

    TIMOTHY GAUSS 14 days ago

    on that fourth down play that was a penalty that was never called so the falcons will get their revenge to start the 2018 season

    • Semion Johnson
      Semion Johnson 8 days ago

      "TIMOTHY GAUSS" nah the falcons will lose again the eagles own them

    • The Goat
      The Goat 14 days ago

      TIMOTHY GAUSS But it wasnt a penalty tho

  • Nick Sacco
    Nick Sacco 16 days ago

    Patrick Robinson really redeemed himself in the NFC championship game

    ARKANG3L T0PFLIGHT 17 days ago

    At 14:38 wtf kinda play calling was that?

  • Kobe Willems
    Kobe Willems 18 days ago

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  • Md.Hannan Mia
    Md.Hannan Mia 24 days ago+1

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  • Mason and Owen Stover vlogs

    I was at that game

  • bstlybengali
    bstlybengali 28 days ago

    eagles woulda blew em out if they didnt give away the ball 2 times. woulda made them look like the vikings lol

  • Jeffrey Bowen
    Jeffrey Bowen a months ago

    the Falcons should have.. RUN.. 4 down and 2.....PLEASE......THAY SHOULD HAVE A ....JUMBO ...RB NOT THAT DINKY........DEVONTA FREENAN......2 YARDS FOR CRIST SAKE

  • Veronica Moody
    Veronica Moody 1 months ago

    They need to rename the Atlanta Falcons to the Atlanta Chokes😂😂😂Saints Fan WHO DAT

    • Doge Doge
      Doge Doge 18 days ago

      I had a saints joke, but lost it last second

    • johnbs199
      johnbs199  21 days ago

      ma girl. WHO DAT

  • Joseph Quinn
    Joseph Quinn 1 months ago

    Eagles 1st playoff win since January 2009 @ New York Giants!

  • Chris Hernandez
    Chris Hernandez 1 months ago

    Coming from playing the O line position before, 12:07 is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. That’s how it’s done 💯💪🏽

  • ATL 1
    ATL 1 1 months ago+2